Fallout Book 2 E Book


Author: Kiernan, Alan
ISBN: 978-0-9873672-1-1
Formats available: E Book Download
Extent: 344 pages
Category: Fiction

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A fiery car crash. A terrorists mobile phone is retrieved from the wreckage. The contents lead the highly covert Section Alpha team on a journey across continents.While investigating a planned terrorist attack ex-SAS officer Tony McAvin and his team realise the main suspect has fled to London and operatives are sent in pursuit.
Back in Australia one twist leads to another. Evidence uncovered suggests the attack will be more devastating than first thought.
Section Alpha are not only up against the terrorists but they must endure an attempt by ASIO to obstruct them after their covert existence is discovered.
The team are thrust on a roller-coaster ride of action and deceit. They must work against all odds to ensure the safety of the nation. The stakes are high. The Fallout unimaginable.


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