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Alan Kiernan lives in Melbourne’s outer east with his wife and three young children. After 32 years in the aviation industry he is now pursuing a career as an author. He is currently working on a number of projects and is writing the third installment in the Section Alpha series of counter terrorism thrillers.

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Fiction writer Alan Kiernan has released his highly anticipated novel, Fallout, the sequel to his ground breaking first novel Section Alpha, a contemporary thriller set in Australia in the midst of the global war on terror. The Section Alpha trilogy is sure to please fans of writers such as Lee Child, Vince Flynn and Robert Ludlum.

Inspired by his accounts with members of organisations like the Australian Federal Police, and based on a platform of facts, Fallout is a hugely relevant thriller about the imminent risks of domestic terrorism, and what the Australian government is doing behind the scenes to stop the threat of a terrorist attack.

“While some of Fallout is fiction, it’s a realistic and chilling glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, and out of the public eye in many countries,” says Alan Kiernan. “A terror event in Australia is still a very real possibility, and Fallout continues to explore the covert operations that are taking place to prevent one.”

In Fallout, a terrorist’s mobile phone is retrieved from a fiery car crash. The contents lead the highly covert Section Alpha team, secretly assembled by the PM to uncover terror threats in Australia, on a journey across continents. Lead by Tony McAvin, the Section Alpha team discovers the main suspect has fled to London and operatives are sent in pursuit. Back in Australia, one twist leads to another and evidence suggests that an attack will be more devastating than first thought. Up against both the terrorists, and an attempt by ASIO to obstruct them after their covert existence is discovered, Section Alpha are thrust on a roller-coaster ride of action and deceit. They must work against all odds to ensure the safety of the nation. The stakes are high. The Fallout unimaginable.

In the first part of the trilogy, Section Alpha is set in the years post 9/11 when the threat of terrorism on our shores is relatively new. This changes with the Bali bombings, refugee boats on the horizon, and global terrorism on the rise, so the Prime Minister instructs ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) to activate an independent covert team, called Section Zulu to alert Canberra to any terrorist plans. When discovered that terror threats exist on our own shores, the Section Alpha team is assembled to eliminate the threats.

The Section Alpha series throws its readers into a world of paranoia and surveillance in a desperate pursuit to shut the terrorists down.

After working in aviation with Qantas for over thirty years, and seeing first-hand the changes as a result of 9/11, Alan Kiernan turned his hand to writing. Section Alpha was the first of the trilogy, followed by Fallout, to be released shortly, and bombPROOF to be published next year.

Section Alpha is distributed by Dennis Jones & Associates (www.dennisjones.com.au) and Palmer Higgs (www.palmerhiggs.com.au). It’s also available as an ebook from Amazon and iTunes. More information can be found at www.sectionalpha.com.

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Distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates, Melbourne Australia.

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