About the Section Alpha book series

Writing Section Alpha was something I just had to do. Originally it was conceived as a 6 part television series entitled ‘The Grid’. I pitched it to the television stations 10, 9, 7, but got little interest except from the ABC who considered it for a number of months before declining after a television programme with the same name and very similar storyline suspiciously appeared in the US a year later. I felt this left me with no option. I started toying with the idea of turning it into a book instead. Having never written a book before, the task seemed like an interesting and attractive challenge to take up, it started to take shape but was put aside constantly while we had our last two children. I kept coming back to it as the idea and structure of the storyline was something I couldn’t ignore. After a chance meeting with Matthew Reilly on one of my flights, I was encouraged to take the plunge and get it published. I like to weave fiction around fact, that way the storyline is plausible and it gives it a level of believability and credibility.

Now I have just released the second part, FALLOUT, it’s becoming its own entity as I write the hard hitting third part bombPROOF, or to put it more accurately, it’s writing itself as ideas emerge and the storyline constantly  develops.

SECTION ALPHA is the first book in the series. Please email me a review and I will add it. I thank you in advance for your review.




Online book reviewer * * * *

“Hi Alan it’s Annie from ADL. Finished The Section yesterday, really liked it. I had to slow myself down as I was speed reading trying to find out how it all ended. When can I have the next installment? Well done.”
Annie O’ Dell, Adelaide.  Star rating 5 * * * * *

“A very well written, exciting story that is scarily possible! I couldn’t put it down – great to read a book on a par with many well published international authors, but written in an Australian context.”
Catherine Tomlinson, Australia. Star rating 5 * * * * *

“…as good as any Lee Child book I have ever read”
David, Melbourne, Australia. Star rating 5 * * * * *

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, a real page-turner and very entertaining…can’t wait for the next installment in the trilogy. (Posted on 5/08/12)
Very entertaining, Review by Anita. Star rating 5 * * * * *

“Loved this book. kept me intrigued, wanting to know what was going to happen next. It’s very scary to think that this sort of thing IS actually happening on our doorstep! Can’t wait for the next book ” (posted 13/9/12)
Nathan, Melbourne, Australia Star rating 5 * * * * *

“A captivating, true to life narrative that keeps the reader up long into the night. And all in our own backyard. I\’m so happy there will be more as I\’ve grown fond of Tony McAvin and his team. What a fantastic first novel” (Posted 26/11/12)
Amanda Muller, Melbourne, Australia . Star rating 5 * * * * *

“Just finished a great read. Not only kept me interested till the gripping end,but also was written around my home city…Melbourne. Thank you Alan, and thank you Shona for giving me this book as a present. (Posted 15/01/13)
Bernhard Wendt, Melbourne, Australia. Star rating 5 * * * * *

“Great work. I loved it, it had me from start to finish”
Mark Beretta, Sports Presenter, Journalist, Author
Australia Star rating 5 * * * * *
(posted June 2013)

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